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So, here’s the quick rundown… I’ve been working on this game off and on for about a year to 2 years. I had an initial vision of how I wanted the game to look. I then started to make compromises for simplicity. I then started added numerous components which use those compromises. For the past […]

So, I’ve decided to jump on the band wagon and post up my comparison of the two engines…   Unity: Developed by Unity Technologies. Unreal: Developed by Epic Games.   Unity: Does things different than Unreal. Unreal: Does things different than Unity. Conclusion: Use whichever you like using.

Greenlit! [6/9/17]

Now, if ANYONE actually reads the dev blogs, you’d of noticed a few things… 1. There’s been little to no dev blog progress. 2. We were hacked… 3. We’ve been greenlit! Yes, the lack of progress on the dev blog side of things is apparent. I’ve been doing so many back end things, as well […]

Total Conversion [12/16/16]

I wish I were more current with weekly dev logs. I’m not. I suck. BUT, I do have some exciting news. Before, I was programming the game using Unity 3d’s Navigation(Nav) Mesh Agent. It was pretty simple to use, and worked out. However, I knew there was always a better option. A* (pronounced “A Star”). […]

Some progress! [10/3/16]

I know! I missed last Fridays report. I am becoming kind of a flake. With the new kid here at home, it’s been taking a bit to get used to.   So, the Truck Manager system has been developed..bugs fixed and then implemented. One of the few things I spent the last 2 days doing […]

Considering the last blog post was posted on 8/5/16, and today is now 9/23/16. I am sure some of you are wondering “Whoa! You promised us weekly updates, and ALMOST 2 MONTHS HAVE GONE BY!” You’re right. I’ve been slacking. Tremendously. However, I’m not ashamed. I have no regrets! (Please don’t sue me Snickers. I […]

So, this will be a short one.   There really hasn’t been a whole lot of progress this week. Cleaning up some code, discovered some new bugs, fixed some bugs, played with the priority system, adjusted some colliders, etc..   I will get a lot more work done this week (hopefully), so stay tuned!

Oh the boring bits… Even though very shortly after the last dev blog on 7/22/16, I had gotten some features to work together.   From the video above, you can see the forklift doing mindless forklift things, workers building buildings, and then transferring resources to the machines, then machines producing teddy bears, then workers transferring […]

Wow. What a day. I spent the last few days polishing up some code, making improvements here and there, and playing with some new things.   First off for todays agenda, I had improved (ever so slightly) the dropping off of materials mechanic. As you can see in the video, there are a row of […]