Greenlit! [6/9/17]

Now, if ANYONE actually reads the dev blogs, you’d of noticed a few things…

1. There’s been little to no dev blog progress.

2. We were hacked…

3. We’ve been greenlit!

Yes, the lack of progress on the dev blog side of things is apparent. I’ve been doing so many back end things, as well as took some time off for real life issues, that just didn’t make it feasible to continue it.

Yes, we were also hacked due to a known vulnerability. This has been fixed.

We’ve been Greenlit!

Now, with the hack, it wasn’t a legitimate “hack”, but more so exploiting WordPress and allowing people to use such exploits to add links. No files or anything were compromised. This has been fixed. Because of these idiots, some dev blogs (like the very first one) were completely overwritten. They have been deleted. It’s kind of sad to see the very first post i’ve written about my game gone up in smoke.

I know i’ve promised weekly dev blogs, but while being a single developer with a newborn baby, and a wife… I just can’t commit to it. However, with that said, “i’ll try.”

Even though the game has been Greenlit, that doesn’t change anything for me on the development side, other than just having a platform to sell it on. It has however sped up my dedication to the project.

Until next time!