Wow. What a day. I spent the last few days polishing up some code, making improvements here and there, and playing with some new things.


First off for todays agenda, I had improved (ever so slightly) the dropping off of materials mechanic.

As you can see in the video, there are a row of trucks that use a very crude traffic system so that they do not mindlessly run into one another. However, the vehicles do not stop, and that is “intended” for right now.

Remember in last weeks (I think it was last weeks) dev blog, regarding forklifts? Just incase you missed it, here is the video of the forklift in action:


Well, when the forklift system is ‘completed’, the forklifts will drive over to the delivery trucks, and pick up the pallets of goods, then unload them wherever necessary. Did you also notice that the delivery trucks are of various model colors too now? Yeah… Small achievement, but an achievement all the same.

Furthermore, more work has gone into the “new UI”, that includes a new window and dropdown for selection of products, etc..


Although these are decent to the UI that I’m currently using, these are just to hold over until I can hire a professional UI artist to go through and design everything.


Although I am writing this blog post at 12:30 AM at night, I plan on doing a lot more work before the Friday is officially done. I am trying to clean up the code that I already have. I have switched from NGUI to UGUI system, as UGUI has come a decent way, and is starting to provide certain controls that I needed (like drop downs). While switching, there are plenty of issues that I’m running into as well, as part of the UI is on NGUI, and the other part is on the UGUI system.


With that said, have a happy Friday everyone!