Oh the boring bits…

Even though very shortly after the last dev blog on 7/22/16, I had gotten some features to work together.


From the video above, you can see the forklift doing mindless forklift things, workers building buildings, and then transferring resources to the machines, then machines producing teddy bears, then workers transferring the teddy bears to the pallets, then the *cool* part, was when the forklift came by, picked up the pallet, and took it to the pallet storage area. However, there was a bug in the video, of the forklift getting stuck, then I had to manually move it, for it to *trigger* the storage mechanic.


Most of what I’ve been doing is upgrading the project from Unity 5.3 to 5.4. It added a lot of neat little features that should help with optimization / performance, but there were also some new bugs that were introduced with some of the systems I am using for the game.


I also added a decent back end, such as a priority system, a “Has Foundation” system, etc. The priority system will allow other jobs priority over others, regardless of their position in the queue. The higher the priority, the sooner it gets done. The “Has Foundation” system was more so a necessity for things to “work” correctly on the visual side of things.


For example: A Large CNC machine sat along 3 blocks of foundation. If you placed your 3 foundation pieces, and the CNC Machine in one swift action, there were times when the worker would build the CNC machine before he finished building the foundation underneath it. Normally, I would be okay with that, except, when the worker tried to reach the un built foundation piece, he couldn’t reach it, since there is a big ass machine sitting over it now. Now the system will not allow the CNC Machine to be built until the foundation underneath it has been built first.


A lot of the other work has been behind the scenes of optimizing the various mechanics, such as the the boxes on the pallet. To reduce unnecessary strain, it now only triggers when the number of boxes changed, and it’ll only loop to the necessary number of boxes (box count vs. total box count).


All in all, some work on the GUI is getting done, the forklifts now have a dedicated parking spot that they will favor vs. roaming all over the map. The next step here is to do some additional GUI work, to bring more gameplay aspects into it, and then work on the research portion.


In order, the process will be:
Research & Design –> Bug Fixes –> GUI –> Bug Fixes –> Additional Machines –> Bug Fixes –> Additional Products –> Bug Fixes –> Polishing.


Stay tuned for next weeks dev blog! (Every Friday)