Considering the last blog post was posted on 8/5/16, and today is now 9/23/16. I am sure some of you are wondering “Whoa! You promised us weekly updates, and ALMOST 2 MONTHS HAVE GONE BY!”

You’re right. I’ve been slacking. Tremendously. However, I’m not ashamed. I have no regrets!

(Please don’t sue me Snickers. I love you.)


But, on 9/16 at 4:33pm, my wife and I gave birth to our first son. It’s been amazing. However, luckily, this will not interfere (too much) with the game. While thinking long and hard about the games vision forward, I also have to complete my college classes and other household responsibilities. Let’s move on to the actual ‘update info’ of this blog post, shall we?


One of the things that I had added was a (decent?) attempt at adding a 3D Printer.

This will be a “later” tech item that’ll allow you to rapidly create smaller items, or even create “custom” one off items. It’ll use a 3D Powder and can be upgraded for speed and quality.

Also, I had added employee names, as well as a ‘legendary’ employee feature. These employees will be EXTREMELY rare. Since the game will pull a random first name, and a random last name, it’ll then check to see if the first + last name = a name on the list. As I said. Super rare.

Another “change”, which might just be experimentation, is the camera is now in a top down view. This makes it “better” for the build system to not mess up. I know there are ways around the build system issue, but the look from the top down is a bit more…appealing. Don’t worry though, it’s still in a 3D perspective view.

Also, I had fixed an issue with my computer, which is now allowing me to bake the Global Illumination (“realistic” lighting) stuff. This will save a lot of CPU time. This will be a huge benefit to the overall performance of the game.

There is also now a “priority” system in play for the queue system. Although there is no UI for it yet, you’ll be able to say “Construction = Highest Priority” and something like “Material Handling = Lowest Priority”. Workers will then prioritize accordingly.

Oh yes. Now, one of my more “Favorite” features: Machine Capabilities. So. Machines can do a lot of things, and sometimes very few things. Each machine has a “Capabilities” list associated with it. The product you are trying to produce will have the need for certain capabilities. (this is kind of a big deal)

I know I’ve been dealing a lot with bugs, and making sure the custom AI system is acting correctly 100% of the time. I had also added a building animation for the workers, and have started work on a VERY VERY VERY crude UI for the game. This will be upgraded by a professional when I have some cash to pay them.

There is now a truck queue system, so it’ll deliver materials, and pick up items, etc., without overlapping itself (trucks inside other trucks). This will also go hand and hand with the traffic system I made, so trucks don’t run into one another.

That’s all there is for now.


I hope you guys are just as excited as I am!