Some progress! [10/3/16]

I know! I missed last Fridays report. I am becoming kind of a flake. With the new kid here at home, it’s been taking a bit to get used to.


So, the Truck Manager system has been developed..bugs fixed and then implemented. One of the few things I spent the last 2 days doing was upgrading the terrain.


Not much to look at. Just…generic green color.


Then, I did some creative stuff, played around in Photoshop, and made v2:
Looks a lot better right? But to me, it still felt a little flat. This terrain was broken up into 6 different pieces. I didn’t care for the texture not lining up. If you look closely, you can see numerous seams. So, what’s the next step? Raise the sidewalks a hair, and get textures to line up seamlessly! This brings us to v3:

The model is great, but the texture then fell flat. I don’t remember how I did it with the original. I didn’t quite care for it. So, after a few hours of playing around in Photoshop, and still not mimicking the grass from v2, I cut up a old texture file (The original from V2) and just copied/pasted large enough chunks. This brings is to v4:


Ta da! The new optimized terrain system, with better UV setup (No seams), better depth (look at the sidewalks)


There has been a lot of framework stuff going on that I honestly can’t remember what. I know the truck manager was my “bigger” project as of lately.


Now that the shipment system (aka Truck Manager) has been finished, I can now start tying it all together!